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using more than one key or tonality simultaneously

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The Rite of Spring is famous for all sorts of reasons--Stravinsky's rhythmically pulsating polytonal score, Nicholas Roerich's primitivist sets and costumes, Nijinsky's pigeon-toed, thumping dance steps.
Tristano was born in Chicago and studied music there, eventually crafting a jazz sound with elements of classical music, polytonal elements, and musical counterpoint unique to bebop.
Identified closely with the `free jazz' movement of the 1960s, Coleman developed a musical style which he dubbed `harmolodics', involving multi-layered melodies and polytonal textures.
The string concords proceed implacably on their way, however; so the Fighting Answerers get increasingly distraught, bumping into one another in polytonal, polyrhythmic chaos until they end in despairful mockery of the trumpet's phrases.
The section does not express D as a tonality, nor does the canonic line itself suggest a "tonic," which could create a polytonal texture.
In 1993, she formed the all-woman folkloric group IBBU-OKUN (River & Sea) and stirred controversy as she crossed over to the male domain of the bata, a family of three double-headed hour-glass-shaped drums which carry on complex polytonal and polyrhythmic conversations.
The general mood of helplessness that pervades Gaye's text finds its resolution in the track's subtext, "makes me wanna holler," again linking the Soul music tradition to the rhetorical and polytonal resistance strategies of blacks in the antebellum period, while highlighting the lack of an accessible political language to adequately critique the realities of black urban life.
He wrote a six-and-a-half minute polytonal little horror called Pacific 2.
Robin Holcomb "has created a new American regionalism, spun from many threads -- country rock, minimalism, Civil War songs, Baptist hymns, Appalachian folk tunes -- even the polytonal music of Charles Ives.
Hoekman chooses three of the most commonly set Irish folksongs and applies 21st century harmonic language to them, using conventional harmonies alongside polytonal and atonal passages.
Capers also utilizes polytonal chords or polytonalities, the simultaneous use of two or more tonalities or keys, as the foundation for creating extended chordal harmonies between the right and left hands throughout the work.
The orchestra under Philip Sunderland seemed to relish the polytonal austerity of Puccini's writing, with baleful clarinets and sul-ponticello shudders powerfully underlining the drama.
He followed the developments of modern European music which broke new ground in the use of dissonance as an clement in musical expression within a polytonal and extended-tonal framework.
This recording has all the elements and excitement of an authentic ritual feast from its sacred chants and lyrics to the polytonal phrasing of the bata drums.
Strauss clarifies the canon without in any way diminishing the force of the contemporary; on the contrary, I think by remaining within the tonal world he strengthens the force of atonal and polytonal music.