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belief in multiple Gods

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Walters sees a big difference between polytheism and "theistic perspectivism.
Though in time he would put together his own religion for his poetry out of a mixture of Irish mythology, Christianity, Neoplatonism, and Greek polytheism, and enshrine it in another prose masterpiece, A Vision, Foster does not take us that far, and in fact it is questionable whether his subtitle, The Apprentice Mage, is justified, since poetry always came before mysticism in Yeats's mind.
As for the religious significance of the Hymni, Chomarat suggests that the poems offer "a concordance between polytheism and the specifically Christian dogma of one God in three persons representing Power, Wisdom, and Love" (12) and are a manifestation of Marullus's desire to "make respectable the religion of his ancestors by showing how it concords, in its essential points, with Christianism" (13).
Bowersock's assessment (lecture/chapter IV) of the psychology of martyrs within a culture shaped by pagan institutions and polytheism is provocative.
Homer shows us how a bow, a door, a garden, a ship, a narrative verse tradition, an olive grove, an adze, a polytheism, a viticulture can work together to the enrichment of the world.
Despite almost desperate opposition on the part of the Roman curia, he and the octogenarian Jesuit Cardinal Agostino Bea literally turned the church's attitude toward other faiths, from polytheism to Protestantism, upside down.
they were largely concerned with cultivated pagans who accepted a version of monotheism based on Platonic philosophy, with polytheism as, at most, a veneer.
In ancient times, when polytheism prevailed, the island housed a temple to the pagan goddess of love Ziva.
God likens unjust killing to polytheism, while the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) included murder in the list of seven deadly sins," he reminded the faithful.
It begins with polytheism with Gods and Goddesses looking after one faction of the power.
Smith's goals in this book are threefold: first, to elaborate upon Jan Assmann's treatment of translatability of divinity in the ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds; second, to challenge and overturn Assmann's idea that the biblical tradition completely lacks any notion of translatability of divinity (Assmann's "Mosiac Distinction")--a lynch pin, according to Smith, in Assmann's theory that Mosaic monotheism, in contrast to polytheism, is inherently intolerant and prone to violence; and third, to enrich our understanding of ancient authors' notions of deity as presented in the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Near Eastern texts.
Among the themes addressed in six chapters: complications of polytheism, divine justice or divine arbitrariness, Greek experiments in oneness, why Hermes is hungry, divine omnipotence, and the question of whether Greeks believed in the divinity of their rulers.
So prospective readers may think that Stephen Prothero, a professor of religion at Boston University, must be proclaiming polytheism in a book titled, "God Is Not One" (HarperOne).
These practices are considered polytheism by the government of this deeply religious Muslim country.
The novel, which has appeared in five editions, is set in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria in the fifth century when the city experienced a turbulent era of shifting from polytheism to Christianity.