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In some instances, the acronyms develop a polysemantic dimension in their shift as they end up referring to more than one aspect.
These aspects were observed in the common language and speech in which ambivalent, polysemantic expressions, words with double meaning "permissive" and "subversive" were present.
An important means of ensuring accuracy of legal style is to counteract multi style, a well known fact being that, apart from terms which belong exclusively to specialized language, numerous polysemantic terms are used by developing a legal meaning, besides the meaning or meanings of the common language.
Even if he had followed recent literary precedent and expressed a defense of his art, as Sir Philip Sidney had in a formal treatise, Edmund Spenser in a letter, and Sir John Harrington in a preface, the views he may have proposed would not necessarily have been fully supported by the evidence of his own literary works--as scholars of Sidney, Spenser, and Harrington can attest regarding the polysemantic work of these Elizabethan poets.
Quality of life as a polysemantic and multidimensional concept is very important for each individual.
I may want to brush off the polysemantic phenomenon here as tangential, linguistic absurdity, a mere distraction.
The concept of 'inhibition' is used also regarding the perception of polysemantic information.
The analysis of various Imam Ali's polysemantic visual representations facilitates the introduction of historical data regarding Him and His place in a holy family, as Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law.
Building an AF taxonomy implies establishing criteria for the knowledge organization, to counteract ambiguity, deviations and clarify polysemantic issues, also simplifying and connecting different knowledge trees or hierarchies.
No single word signifies a concept exhaustively, because concepts are always a kind of extramental excess whose frontier words may push back but never eliminate as lexicons expand and individual terms grow polysemantic.
The layers of glass stacked against one another evoke the uncertainty conveyed by the polysemantic thought rhymes.
It finds expression in the entirely different, in most cases individual spheres of life, and thus, in principal is breaking the monolithic character of the linear body of the city and making it close to the polysemantic hypertext.
This commonplace understanding of Ovid's epic, neatly summarized by Sabinus in one sentence and accrediting the poem with an ancient polysemantic wisdom, no doubt helps to account for the many redactions and commentaries that Ovid's masterpiece has inspired over the course of two millennia.
Whatever is meant by this polysemantic term, what the defenders of the modern will not admit is that globalizing force ultimately put bare life, hence death, on the periodic table of social orders.