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a polymer of propylene used as a thermoplastic molding material


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7 China Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (PP) Capacity, Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2013-2018) 3.
Detailed information of all active plants and planned Polypropylene projects in Republic of Korea with capacity forecasts to 2019 and additional details such as production process, technology, operator and equity
This is a new and exciting opportunity for Morain to enter the polypropylene industry and to help support and promote it throughout McElroy's distributor network," said Morain President Jeff Hattendorf.
Although the vast majority of polypropylene extrusions are for fiber, filament products and film, HPE Extrusion Solutions specializes in the manufacture of extruded polypropylene profiles, parts and products.
In the GCC, strong governmental support has contributed to the development of polypropylene downstream industries.
Khalid Al Gaithi, Operation Engineer at the polypropylene plant said; "This was a proud moment for all in the polypropylene plant as it achieves the main aim behind the economic ventures; thanks to the team spirit by all employees".
Compared to global standards the amount of polypropylene used in Indian passenger vehicles is low.
ACA 161A is a new water-based adhesive designed to bond polypropylene and other engineering plastics to metals such as aluminum.
NEW YORK-The polypropylene rug business is often looked upon as second-rate when compared with the wool business, but the material has been responsible for the growth and expansion that many vendors have experienced in the marketplace.
Food-grade polypropylene couplings resist animal, vegetable, and mineral oils, as well as alkalis, salts, and alcohol.
Marysville, OH, have been awarded a patent for a method to coat polypropylene materials.
The principal reason for this increasing attention is the fact that polypropylene provides a balance of strength, modulus and chemical resistance at a relatively low cost.
Denso's unit, however, uses polypropylene reinforced with long-strand fiberglass instead of glass mat reinforced thermoplastic, or resin-molded pieces reinforced with steel plates.
DSM of the Netherlands and SABIC of Saudi Arabia have agreed in principle for SABIC to purchase DSM's petrochemicals business, which includes polvethyene and polypropylene.