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a peptide containing 10 to more than 100 amino acids

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Protein markers of catalog number 69079-3 manufactured by Novagen depicted nine polypeptide bands having molecular weights 225, 150, 100, 75, 50, 35, 25, 15 and 10kDa, respectively.
The identity of this polypeptide was demonstrated by N-terminal amino acid sequencing analysis and by immunodetection assays using antibodies raised against the purified flagellin.
Title: Research Report on Chinese Chemosynthetic Polypeptide Drug Industry, 2012 Published: July, 2012 Pages: 60 Price: US$ 3,000 http://marketpublishers.
This is the first report of a polypeptide of this size that is a single alpha-helix," the researchers write in the May 19 NATURE.
Additionally, the company said the new patent has claims directed to beta-alanine compositions in several formulations, wherein the beta-alanine is not part of a dipeptide, polypeptide or oligopeptide and is in the form of a dietary supplement.
Raritan, NJ) has patented a novel human cDNA, termed PRSS11-L which encodes a polypeptide that belongs to the S2/HtrA serine protease family.
Insulin, a polypeptide that allows glucose to enter cells, is one of many drugs whose solubility changes with changing acidity levels.
This "super-secret" wrinkle cream, called Amatokin (pronounced am-a-toke-in), is not really a cream at all, but a "highly efficient 'barrier-neutral' emulsion" containing a unique polypeptide compound (known in official circles as polypeptide #153).
The invention also covers a process for producing large amounts of polypeptide or protein in an economical manner.