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2003, Zhang and Tong 2005), we primarily examined two types of model form: multiple polynomial function and power function (Table 2).
Primarily to find polynomial functions (1) at borders of each interval with using translation of coordinates system x-x0 with conversion of coefficients (2).
Olshanski, we shall call it the algebra of polynomial functions and denote it by [[LAMBDA].
The coefficients are recovered as step polynomial functions of t.
1 For a given interesting polynomial function F on the set of Young diagrams, how to find explicitly the expansion (1) of F as a linear combination of the numbers of colorings [N.
Theorem 8 Let F : Y [right arrow] R be a polynomial function on the set of generalized Young diagrams, we shall view it as a polynomial in [S.
There is no known simple polynomial function p: N [right arrow] R where p(n) = the nth prime number.
In this paper, we extend the method by replacing tanh function with some other functions f(x), such as polynomial function, trigonometric and elliptical function, where the choice of the function f(x) is different according to equation.
for all x, y [member of] V \ {0}, then there exists a unique generalized polynomial function F : V [right arrow] Y of degree 3 with f(0) = F(0) such that
Each profile was fitted by a third degree polynomial function (least squares method) to remove the form, keeping only waves and roughness.
The best fitted models for predicting tree-level lumber value recovery were considered to be the following forms for the two types of sawmills: 1) the second-order polynomial function with diameter at breast height (DBH) alone, 2) the polynomial function with only the cross product term of squared DBH and tree height, and 3) the power function with DBH, tree height, and tree taper.