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Synonyms for polymorphism

Synonyms for polymorphism

(genetics) the genetic variation within a population that natural selection can operate on

(chemistry) the existence of different kinds of crystal of the same chemical compound

(biology) the existence of two or more forms of individuals within the same animal species (independent of sex differences)

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It is a functional polymorphism which is found on exon 4 and causes the substitution of proline with arginine (arg) residue at the regulatory portion of TP53 gene, resulting in altered regulation of apoptosis.
The current study was planned to test the hypothesis thatTP53 gene codon 72 polymorphism (Pro72Arg) is associated with endometriosis and affects the severity of the disease in Pakistani women.
Results: In CAT-21A/T (rs7943316) gene promoter polymorphism, wild type genotype (AA) was observed in 18.
KEYWORDS: Antioxidant enzyme, Catalase, Polymorphism, Promoter, Reactive oxygen species.
VDR Fok-I polymorphism was analysed by PCR-RFLP method.
To date, several case-control studies have investigated the association between the GSTP1 Ile105Val polymorphism and risk of male infertility,[sup][21],[26],[27],[28],[29],[30],[31],[32],[33] but the results have been inconclusive owing to the limitation of individual studies, for example, relatively small sample size and/or differences in patient populations, ethnicity, or genotyping methods.
Genotyping of the ESR2 polymorphisms was determined by Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP), using specific primers as shown in table 1.
Vitamin D receptor, vitiligo, polymorphism, polymerase chain reaction, restriction length polymorphism.
In addition to these changes, there are several minor, naturally occurring genetic variants of the p53 gene, known as polymorphisms, and some are associated with an increased risk of cancer.
Conclusion: It is concluded that polymorphism of ABCB1 may be a good guide for predicting responsiveness of ondansetron and there is a role of genetics in the management of PONV.
The Ile462Val (A/G) polymorphism conformed to the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the UL patients; however, this polymorphism did not conform to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the control group.
Polymorphism of b-LG has been explored in goats due to the unique nutritional value of milk.
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