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a chemical process that combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compound

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Key Words: Laser induced photo polymerization, Methacrylates, Stimulated Raman emission, Characterization, DFT Studies.
Recently, ultrasound-assisted emulsion polymerization was introduced as an alternate solution to more enhanced conventional emulsion polymerization without fundamental changes in the process [7-9].
4-6) Therefore, the selection and usage of new surfactants and cosurfactants in miniemulsion polymerization is an interesting research issue.
As new, stimuli-responsive "intelligent" polymers are developed, monitoring polymerization reactions for deviation from ideal cases and to gain more understanding of their underlying kinetics and mechanisms will become more and more important to successful production and process development, including use of energy and feedstocks, conservation of non-renewable resources and enhanced product quality and reliability.
9) affirmed that the periods of light exposure recommended by resin manufacturers are not always adjusted to provide complete polymerization.
The research utilized Kuraray's FELIBENDY, a nonwoven fabric made from the copolymer EVAL (ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer resin), which reacts readily to electron beam-induced graft polymerization, a process that increases the fabric surface area that comes in contact with the solution.
Polymerization plants are available both with the continuous and batch technology.
Among the topics are porous silica in transition metal polymerization catalysts, supported magnesium-titanium-based Ziegler catalysts for producing polyethylene, product morphology in olefin polymerization with polymer-supported metallocene catalysts, copper catalysts for olefin polymerization, ring-opening metathesis polymerizations and acyclic diene metathesis polymerizations with homogeneous ruthenium and molybdenum catalysts and initiators.
Lau's presentation, scheduled for Tuesday morning, April 13, is entitled "Frontiers in Emulsion Polymerization for Coatings.
The hydrophilic polymers are chemically grafted to the fibers by way of reactive radicals formed from at least one of (i) a reaction between a monomer molecule and a radical polymerization initiator molecule and (ii) a reaction between the fiber surface and a radical polymerization initiator molecule.
Controlled radical polymerization (CRP) allows the production of well-defined polymeric materials with controlled architecture.
Polymerization unit: heater unit or cooling to accelerate the polymerization (painting).
a joint venture of ABB and Equistar that acquired PP polymerization technology from BASF's former Targor subsidiary.
The low molecular weight of the costabilizer is also responsible for the high swelling capacity of the droplets and polymer particles (made by emulsification of polymer solutions, polymerization of monomer miniemulsions, or a combination of these).
The researchers saturated cotton compresses with the monomer and a polymerization agent and applied the preparation to terracotta fragments from a broken warrior.