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cause (a compound) to polymerize

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Keywords Polymerizable emulsifier, Waterborne antifouling coating
Novel chemical-bonded polymerizable sulfur-containing photoinitiators comprising the structure of planar N-phenylmaleimide and benzophenone for photopolymerization.
In this context, BASF scientists have synthesized copolymers of (meth)acrylates, (meth) acrylic acids and polymerizable polyether or polyesters to be compatible with 55% VOC hair spray compositions.
These studies led to the hypothesis that many of the 21 hydroxyl groups on beta-cyclodextrin molecules could be derivatrzed to form a closely related family of analogous chemical compounds containing both polymerizable groups and hydrophilic ionizable ligand (substrate-binding) groups, each attached via hydrolyticaliy-stablc ether-linkages.
The grafted olefin polymer comprises units of at least one of a polymerizable monomer grafted onto a preactivated olefin polymer, wherein the polymerizable monomer is at least one selected from the group consisting of alkyl acrylates, alkyl methacrylates, acrylamide, methacrylamide and fluorovinyl monomers.
The dental polymers we are studying contain strontium aluminum fluorosilicate glass, polymerizable dimethacrylate resin, and the ammonium salt of dipentaerythitol pentaacrylate phosphate.
This ability allows these compounds to be used to make various polymerizable materials, including charge-transfer complexes and coordination compounds.
The organic liquid crystals were both non-polymerizable and polymerizable surfactants.
The performance of a MIP is, of course, dependent on the initial choice of polymerizable ingredients and the reaction conditions that are used to synthesize the polymer.
The paper, "Functional performance of human cardiosphere-derived cells delivered in an in situ polymerizable hyaluronan-gelatin hydrogel," is published online (ahead of print) in the peer-reviewed journal Biomaterials.
The result is a superior yield of polymerizable functionality in the macromonomer [10].
The casting compound consisted of polymerizable acrylic monomers and 0-85 wt% inorganic fillers.