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a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers

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To create the coating, Klibanov's group chemically modified a commercially available polymer to make its chains highly water-repellent and positively charged.
This conference aims to bring together presentations from all parts of the electronics industry's materials supply chain, from raw materials to finished products, and will offer delegates an opportunity to learn more about both traditional and new polymer materials, their markets, manufacturing processes and applications.
SEBS/ SEPS Kraton G polymer series impact modifies PP, PPE blends and PC.
The goals of this work was to look at the role of the size (molecular weight) of the strength-enhancing polymer and to compare the effectiveness of wet-end addition to surface treatment.
Often the separation of a wide-polydispersity polymer into more narrow mass fractions facilitates quantitation by mass spectrometry.
The finishes form cross-links between the molecules of parallel polymer chains.
to deploy Pavilion's Polymer Solution on six polymer lines at the company's manufacturing facility in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park.
The university's polymer science and polymer engineering program has been rated second in the United States by U.
The room-temperature spinning process works because the polymer chains get knotted up during spinning.
Paper 18 Innovative polymer processing technologies for medical and drug delivery devices manufacturing
Poppe, DuPont SA, Switzerland; "Alcohol and lipid-resistant acrylic-based plastics for medical devices," Peter Colburn, Cyro Industries, and Craig Schmidter, Degussa AG, Germany; "SEBS thermoplastic elastomers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries," Bob Wells, Consolidated Polymer Technologies; "POSS-based polyurethanes: From degradable polymers to hydrogels," Patrick Mather, Haihu Qin and Kyung-Min Lee, Case Western Reserve University; and "New co-polyester solutions for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging," Thijs Jaarsma, Eastman Chemical BV, The Netherlands.
During a fire, plastic melts as the polymer chains within it break down.
The book series thus intends to bridge the gap between introductory textbooks and the highly specialized texts and monographs that cover only part of polymer science and technology.
The Madison Group, Polymer Processing Research Corp.
The meeting will feature technical symposia in which researchers, specialists and industrial technologists will report on the latest scientific and technical advances in the rubber and polymer industries.