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having more than one wife at a time

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In this regard Zeitzen (2008:2) postulates that in its wide and correct sense, polygamy refers to a marriage which includes more than one partner and it exists in two forms; polygyny and polyandry.
Significantly, polygyny itself finds mention just once in the entire Koran (Chapter 4: Verse 3).
Nucleation of the family presents an opportunity for women to actively participate in household decision-making (Sathar & Kazi 1997) but polygyny may enable women to "head" their respective household units.
Comparison between B1 and C1 half-sib families (produced by a polygyny mating design) revealed a significant difference, with C1 showing the largest size at days 65-85, 106, and 120141 postfertilization (Fig.
On the evolution of polygyny: a theoretical examination of the polygyny threshold model.
I argue that within the polygamy reference trial, the protection of monogamy as an institution is performed in part through the marginalization of qualitative research and the concurrent privileging of quantitative studies that purportedly demonstrate widespread social harms associated with polygyny, which is the marriage of one man to multiple women.
Part I, "Religious Pluralism," begins with Debra Majeed's investigation of polygyny in African American Muslim communities; Stephen C.
This differs from polyandry (multiple husbands) and polygyny (multiple wives), which are contractual.
First, he claims that, insofar as all animals desire the pleasure of sexual intercourse, the practices of polyandry and polygyny restrict an individual's freedom to satisfy these desires.
Racial and sexual concepts thus became interwoven, particularly in colonial contexts where normative sexual marital regimes were challenged not only by observation of practices Europeans found culturally alienating, from penile modification and sodomy to polygyny, but also by erotic and reproductive relationships between western men and Asian women.
Our observations demonstrate that, in addition to polygyny (Peak et al.
12) Our discussion of polygamy, then, is really all about polygyny, and while polygyny may have always been uncommon de facto, in the rabbinic tradition it was certainly recognized de jure.
They include bonded labor, the role of Thai daughters within a family system, and polygyny.
Algeria legalized polygyny in 1984 on the basis of the Qur'anic verse stating that "a man can have up to four wives.
Polygyny makes little sense in this regard, as it puts the husband at a disadvantage.