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a man with two or more wives

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Instead, government officials typically ignore polygynist communities and the abuses that occur therein with "a lot of secular eye-winking.
George Reynolds, a practicing polygynist and Brigham Young's personal secretary, agreed to be indicted for polygyny provided his punishment would be waived were he convicted.
Adams received a major break in 2006 while in British Columbia to report on an effort by Canadian officials to deport several wives of polygynist Winston Blackmore -- who has an estimated 15 wives and at least 100 children.
Walking in Ervil's shoes is a recent polygynist of LeBaron, Orson W.
Of 320 profiles, 120 were fundamentalist polygynists.
While abuses do occur, research among 11 individual Muslim communities during the summer and fall of 2003 suggests that the mistreatment of women and children in Mormon polygynist communities is far removed from the family life experienced by their Muslim counterparts.
Transnational mobility and long periods of separation from his wife and family, together with economic upward mobility, enabled a immigrant to establish a transnational polygynist family.
An additional complication was that her husband was not a traditional polygynist.
2009) 'From circular migrants in the mines to transnational polygynists in the townships: a century of transformation in central Mozambican male migration regimes (1900-1999)', International Migration 47 (3): 51-92.
Unlike the old polygynists, however, the new polygynists do not act like Big Men of old.
Thus, women in monogamous marriages tend to have many children intended to stop their husbands from being polygynists.
Usually associated with the Mormon fundamentalist movement--a bona fide and separate subculture that comes complete with its own peculiar twist on LDS religious mythology and social agenda--modern polygynists number, depending on the researcher, anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 strong within the intermountain West.
17) Even though the church always argued in favour of monogamy, it has up to now maintained a certain flexibility: polygynists are not banned from the church, even more so because it is often the wives, converted first, who bring their husbands into the Christian faith.
Seals may not deserve their reputation as purely polygynists, a new study suggests.
Unlike other missions, the UFM also received much criticism for baptising polygynists, men with more than one wife.