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In contrast the spindle or polygonal shape of the non-coated cultured cells was not typical and poor stretching.
Significant improvements to design connectivity validation include polygonal shapes touching or overlapping but belonging to different nodes or not making a pin-to-pin connection.
First, the approach was employed in detecting cars which usually in the form of polygonal shapes in images containing cars and the scene.
Throughout the entire building, no angles repeat, creating an unusual polygonal shape.
Power integrity engineers, however, prefer to import the artwork from an enterprise board tool and then apply a net-based setup where port-to-port connections, not raw polygonal shape data, determine the electromagnetic simulation setup.
To the work of Lot 1 includes approximately 5300 sqm post transom facades in Polygonal shape and wall coverings as EIFS approx 495 sqm and curtain plate panels approx 495 sqm.
5) Wastberg, yet another fledgling manufacturer, worked with France's Inga Sempe--the Guest of Honor at the fair this year--on W103, an LED pendant that can be employed as a single hanging shade, attached in a series to a long rail, or joined into a polygonal shape.
With its polygonal shape and vineyard terraces of seating arrayed around a central concert platform, the large hail has conscious echoes of Scharoun's Berlin Philharmonie.
Their ball-like form is extrapolated by Itatani into a polygonal prison, which is itself then set loosely adrift in a circular field set into yet another polygonal shape and so on, until the human figure is wrapped within five or six layers of a kind of psychic disenfranchisement.
The drum has no internal moving parts to jam or break small castings and its polygonal shape ensures gentle casting turnover.
36 m GRP sewer KR 300 mm open cut about 125 m GRP sewer KR 800 mm open cut about 245 m GRP sewer KR 1 000 mm open cut about 82 m GRP sewer KR 1 200 mm open cut about 9 piece steel precast concrete manholes in polygonal shape, drainage works, about 4520 mA Rohrgrabenverbau, depths of about 3.
The area can be defined as rectangle or ellipse or polygonal shape.
On applying these modified Punnett squares along polygonal shapes covers all possible parental combinations and their genotypic and phenotypic outcomes in offspring.