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Synonyms for polyglot

a person who speaks more than one language

having a command of or composed in many languages

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Justifying Christian Aramaism: Editions and Latin Translations of the Targums From the Complutensian to the London Polyglot Bible (1517-1657)
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 20, 2017-FDB Broadens Acquires Medication Software Specialist Polyglot Systems
An unnamed buyer has paid over $17,000 for a baseball signed by Moe Berg, a journeyman catcher (and coach after World War II), polyglot, and OSS/CIA operative who was described by biographer Nicholas Dawidoff as "the brainiest guy in baseball" and Casey Stengel as "the strangest man every to play baseball.
A polyglot is someone who uses or knows several what?
This pothole in the middle of the exit as it curves into the service road leading to Polyglot Institute and Ahlibank, among other establishments, in Wattayah has been there for the last 2-3 months - probably even longer.
First Databank (FDB), a provider of clinical drug knowledge that helps improve medication-related decisions and patient outcomes, has entered into an agreement with Polyglot Systems to be the primary distributor of the latter's Meducation patient medication instructions to pharmacy, hospital and ambulatory markets in the United States and Canada.
Highlights include a 1st edition of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, a polyglot Bible embroidered by Arabella Stuart in the Tower of London, the first example of Arabic type used in Europe, from 1516, and a facsimile of Martin Luther's original Bible in German.
The three-day conference is being organized by the Cultural Club in conjunction with the Arab Organization for Translation and the Arab Translators Union, as well as a number of elite Arab translators and Polyglot Institute Oman.
Polyglot Timmermans gained international renown following his emotive speech at the UN in the aftermath of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in July, in which 298 people died, most of them Dutch.
50 Orbit Theatre, Wales' number one amateur company, offer their charming take on the classic fantasy featuring the polyglot doc's journey from Puddleby.
The young candidate is brilliant, she also knows her dossiers and is a polyglot.
It tells of the Hellenized cosmopolitanism and colonial subalternity, uncanny hybridity into necolonialism, "polypolis" and Levantines that subverted the culture and led to what is now a polyglot shambles that urgently needs to be sorted out, so that the region may be studied again and corrected.
The polyglot now practices languages at restaurants and meet-ups throughout New York, speaking Arabic in Astoria, Queens to Mandarin in New York City's Chinatown neighbourhood.
Well-Grounded Java Developer covers techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming and is a top reference for any developer's collection strong in Java.
Apart from this comprehensiveness in collecting the whole range of English poetry written in India during the colonial period, the editor Gibson has prefixed introductory notes to each author focusing their biographical data, and in an introduction of twenty-nine pages has highlighted some critical points that are essential in understanding the historical contest, critical outlook of the poets together with notes on the literary audience and printing facilities during the period concerned, apart from offering quite valuable and perceptive appreciating criteria in different sections such as English language in a polyglot culture, Print.