polygenic disease

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1,15) The problem here is that, while the HGP will be able to provide a detailed genetic map for complex polygenic diseases, it cannot provide the instructions for reading these maps.
Customized algorithms are developed for association studies to correlate, with a high degree of confidence, specific haplotypes and polymorphisms with complex, polygenic diseases.
have identified a gene believed to play an important role in causing this complex polygenic disease.
Mitofusin 2 may provide a specific target for the development of drugs that could hold back a disease that affects millions of people worldwide", explains the head of the study, Antonio Zorzano, full professor of the University of Barcelona, coordinator of the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona, and head of the Heterogenic and Polygenic Diseases lab at the same centre.
But the number of polygenic diseases for which one can actually find all the responsible genes has not increased significantly, because there are complex interactions between the human genome and also the environment.
Polygenic diseases such as obesity were thought to be prohibitively complex and unyielding to discovery by molecular techniques.
Such analyses will be even more important in identifying genes that contribute to polygenic diseases such as adult onset diabetes, atherosclerosis, manic-depressive illness, various forms of cancer, and schizophrenia.
The prospect of routine genetic diagnostics for a wide variety of diseases ranging from rare monogenetic afflictions (for example, Tay-Sachs) to common polygenic diseases (for example, many cancers) have attracted the attention of commercial testing laboratories and venture capitalists.
Jacob thinks rats will be especially useful for studying polygenic diseases, those linked to more than one gene, because most well-studied mice strains develop diseases caused by a mutation in a single gene.
Sequenom is committed to reinforcing its leadership in the noninvasive prenatal arena with innovative, proprietary technologies for chromosomal disorders, and monogenic, polygenic diseases using discrete and whole genome approaches," said Harry Stylli, Ph.
At the same time, genome-wide association studies have extended our clinical inquiries from rare Mendelian diseases to the genetic basis of common polygenic diseases and genes that influence cancer (4).
However, polygenic diseases tend to be much more widespread, he says: "Next door to you, you probably have someone with asthma, dermatitis, or autoimmune disease.
However, these approaches have proved too slow and expensive to provide information on polygenic diseases, in which many genes may contribute to the emergence of disease or increased susceptibility to stressors.
From the time we initiated our asthma program in mid-1994, we have consistently demonstrated to our partners that we can perform all the tasks necessary to find genes involved in common polygenic diseases.