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a gene that by itself has little effect on the phenotype but which can act together with others to produce observable variations

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BL-4010 and BL-4011 are based on a biodegradable polymer, developed by Professor Abraham Domb, from the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Founder and Chief Scientist of PolyGene and Efrat BioPolymers, which allows the administration of therapeutic agents to the site of the disease while avoiding systemic side effects.
When ratio of QTL variance is relatively large, polygenes have little effect on traits, so QTL favourable allele is easily fixed in population, limiting trait's improvement.
heritability for grain filling duration was higher than heritability due to polygene in BC1 BC2 and F2 for the crosses with highest environmental influence.
This showed that the optimization of emphasis given to QTL balanced substantially the relative weight between QTL and polygene in the selection criterion.
From our genetic and molecular tagging results, we concluded that the higher fiber strength trait in 7235 was controlled by one major gene and a polygene (Yuan, 2000).
Power of the joint segregation analysis method for testing mixed majorgene and polygene inheritance models of quantitative traits.
Morphological and physiological responses to drought are controlled by various polygenes which regulate drought resistance [45].
In addition to these polygenes, a small proportion of schizophrenia, perhaps 3%, has been found to be associated with the occurrence of copy number variants (CNVs), affecting mainly genes crucial to neurodevelopment; the effect size of these CNVs is much greater than that of the polygenes.
Cascade testing is likely to be less effective in such cases, since fewer than the predicted 50% of first-degree relatives will have inherited enough of the polygenes to have concentrations of LDL-C above the diagnostic threshold (26).
Resistance to this disease depends on combinations of mono and polygenes (Skinner and Stuteville 1988; 1989; Skinner and Stuteville 1992; Yaege and Stuteville 2000).
In brief, SOLAR incorporates the information contained in participant pedigrees to obtain maximum likelihood estimates for the proportion of unexplained variance due to additive genetic effects from polygenes ([[delta].
Each phenotype has revealed different patterns of inheritance such as two-allele gene with co-dominant inheritance (7,8), oligogenic or polygenic model (9-11), recessive (12), two locus recessive13, mixed with recessive inheritance (14), and single locus with contribution for polygenes (15) although some studies have failed to demonstrate any autosomal patterns of inheritance (7).
For this purpose, no molecular data are used, the aim being to test hypotheses about whether one or more major genes and/or polygenes can account for the observed pattern of familial aggregation, the mode of inheritance, and to estimate the parameters of the best-fitting genetic model [Thomas, 2004].