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any of numerous synthetic resins

a complex ester used for making fibers or resins or plastics or as a plasticizer

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any of a large class of synthetic fabrics

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Foster traces, for instance, du Pont's loss of leadership to Celanese when tire cord shifted from a nylon to polyester base.
EasyLay is a high performance roll roofing product, combining a strong, tear-resistant polyester base sheet with a practical asphalt-saturated underlayment that is compatible with the realities of residential roofing.
Patented is a laminated polyester film comprising a polyester base film stretched to at least one direction and a coating layer provided on at least one surface of the polyester base film.
Oiled thread, with a 20% specially slippery fibre woven on to the polyester base can also be ordered.
5 mil optically clear polyester base, with haze values of less than 3 percent and transmittance greater than 87 percent.
Featuring a polyester base, the sturdy 7-mil-thick Backlight Film is ideal for print-for-pay users and commercial photo labs, especially the Duratrans market, as it accepts maximum ink coverage with vivid color reproduction for photographic quality display applications.
Tenders are invited for Super Enamelled Copper Winding Wire Round, Polyester Base Medium Covering Conforming To Is -13730 Part-3 1996 Size 20.