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having more than one husband at a time

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What they told me was that polyandry is illegal in India, and Widows have slowly in the urban areas, started to get remarried, and that over 55% of India's population is now living in Urban areas while facilities of urbanization (toilets, highways, electricity, and gas) under Modi have rapidly extended into the rural areas changing the face of India since he got elected.
Beside polygyny, sequential polyandry was also described in this species (Solheim 1983, Sindelaf et al.
Instead of making insinuations, let the GOI release data from Census 2011 on what percentage of various groups are practicing polygamy or polyandry.
Reconstruction of parental microsatellite genotypes reveals female polyandry and philopatry in the lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris.
Polyandry by male Lingcod "sneaking" into the territory of another male to fertilize eggs has been shown by DNA analysis of egg masses confirming fertilization by multiple males, (Withler and others 2004).
Based on anthropological evidence (Dube 1983) it has been observed that societies with adverse female sex ratio have indicated the presence of customs like polyandry and abduction and purchase of women.
By contrast, many tribes such as the Jausaris and Todas used to practice polyandry (Basu, 1995), and there are many tribes who strictly practice monogamous marriage such as the Lodhas of West Bengal (Chakravarty et al.
20 20 husbands; several wife, one is husbands; several wife, one is Polyandry wives.
Fitness advantages of polyandry have historically been attributed to direct benefits such as 'nuptial gifts.
The social structure of Sheba's inhabitants permitted polyandry, which suggests that women enjoyed a high degree of independence and could even account for the fact that women occupied the throne.
Polyandry involves a woman marrying more than one man, a practice forbidden in Islam.
Ajman Court of First Instance found the woman guilty of forgery and polyandry -- a form of polygamy where a woman takes two husbands at the same time -- and handed her a one-year suspended jail sentence.