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having more than one husband at a time

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This differs from polyandry (multiple husbands) and polygyny (multiple wives), which are contractual.
However, my views originated within our local culture, with its apparent, modern disinterest in poetry, which was more than enough reason for people not to take notice of my views in this age of airplanes and humanitarian polyandry.
There are also apprehensions that increasing paucity of women may force the revival of polyandry in certain segments of Indian society which are more permissive sections.
The broad meaning of polygamy includes the practice of polyandry (when a woman is married to more than one man) and polygyny (when a man is married to more than one woman).
Yet, though he was undoubtedly mistaken about the existence of polyandry, there is much less certainty with regard to Thomas's moral condemnation of this form of marriage, and so an examination of his criticisms deserves closer attention.
Prairie dogs are excellent models for a study of polyandry because they are easy to livetrap, mark, and observe.
Although polyandry (one woman with multiple husbands) exists, polygyny is the most common form of polygamy.
A visible consequence of this is the marked increase in the number of live- in relationships in small towns like Shimla, Chamba and Kullu -- a trend elders still look down upon despite the state's own culture of polygamy and polyandry.
Polyandry or multiple mating is common in tephritid females, particularly in species with a resource-based mating system, but also to a degree in species where the males congregate in leks and compete for females (Prokopy 1980).
Although eastern bluebirds are typically socially monogamous passerines (Verner and Willson, 1969; Gowaty, 1983; Gowaty and Plissner, 1998), rare instances of polygyny (Wetherbee, 1933b) and polyandry (Laskey, 1947; Verner and Willson, 1969) have been documented.
It was then Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman suggested that Mendwa and Kimani marry the woman which would be recognised under Polyandry - a woman with multiple husbands.
This accounts for Locke's openness to divorce, polygyny, and polyandry.
Early marriage, enforced widowhood, sati, purdah, dowry system, female infanticide and evil practices of polygamy and polyandry prevailed in which women practically had no say and were neglected.
Evolutionary trends of Asteridae: Is polyandry an alternative to zygomorphy?
Their tangled relationship is characterized by polyandry and incest: the divo napata 'scions of the sky' act as suitors and joint husbands of the Sun maiden, 'daughter of the sky' divo duhitd (RV 1.