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abject pusillanimity

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It certainly originates in that species of fear which we denominate poltroonery.
Former diplomat Boris Stefanovski says that the poltroonery has become a significant moral characteristic of home politicians.
The great imams of Islam, however, are not so foolish as to regard such ecclesiastical poltroonery as representative of the Christianity they have been attempting to destroy these past 1,400 years.
I mean the man whose violence frustrates the decree of destiny by self-slaughter though no sentence of the state has required this of him, no stress of cruel and inevitable calamity driven him to the act, and he has been involved in no desperate and intolerable disgrace, the man who thus give unrighteous sentence against himself from mere poltroonery (sloth) and unmanly cowardice.
Constitutional history is normally reckoned as a field too dry and too dusty to be irrigated by compassion, imagination, and wit; but Sammy Finer, one of life's originals, puts this poltroonery to flight by providing posterity with a vast map of the machinations that governed the past.