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While it was known that polony was implicated, there was a risk of cross-contamination of other ready to eat processed meat products, either at production, distribution or retail.
The Wildcats pounced again as Polony connected with Jamal Abdur-Rahman on a 30-yard touchdown that made it 14-3 less than two minutes after the last score.
Another of the 'names' there was Pole Fishing editor Jon Arthur with a 38lb bag of F1s caught on the Method and pieces of Polony sausage.
Asked by Dnevnik daily whether Blizoo will continue to acquire local suppliers, Istvan Polony, chief executive of Blizoo, said the company has always been looking for the best operators for television, Internet and telephone services.
Another woman drank bleach after discovering that her brother had eaten the last piece of polony.
Company of production and trade ink Portugal, Polony, Romeny, Bulgary, North Africa, Magreb
Why not convert your trousers into a delicatessen and carry polony in your turn-ups?
With: Agata Buzek, Krystyna Janda, Anna Polony, Marcin Dorocinski, Adam Wornowicz.
Contributors describe new DNA sequencing approaches, array-based pyrosequencing technology, the role of resequencing arrays in DNA research, polony sequencing, genome sequencing, genome assembly techniques, frequently-used assembly algorithms, assembly for double-ended short-read sequencing technologies, genome characterization in the post-human Geome Project era, haplotyping problems in computational models and solutions, analysis of genomic alterations in cancer, assessment of epigenomics in human disease, and comparative sequencing and its relations to assembly and anchoring.
However, I'm not crazy about your blurbs from Left Curve's I-knew-Bukowski Hirschman and Polony.
What made the night sensational was the special rueda de salsa performance by Salsa Sandunga, with Cuban dancers Susana Arenas, Alain Soto, Ariel Oseguera, Sonly Gonzalez, Lea Polony and Isabel Estrada.
45 [pounds sterling] for four), Polony (slicing sausage -- 2.
Out they go, Sykes-Buchan in the rear, sit down back to back, the captain facing east, and blaze away into the dark at whatever is there, astounded at the screams of anguish they provoke: warm bruised slimy Polony bubbling out at a distance.
They cleared 3,600 packs of Asda Polony Slicing Sausages carrying the date