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a small agile horse specially bred and trained for playing polo

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Animals were categorized into groups according to physical activity performed: dressage, racing horse, polo pony, jumping, working (guard, carousel and pull) and western sports (cutting and barrel).
Highly strung thoroughbreds might not seem obvious candidates for polo, but Clover said: "He's a good stamp for a polo pony at around 15.
ON TOT FORM: She smiles as she sits on polo pony yesterday
We also meet Rob who is setting up Dorset's first polo club and trying to turn a racehorse called Victor into a polo pony.
Olympic uniforms, which include a navy blue beret and double-breasted blazer, a classic-fit white shirt with the familiar Ralph Lauren polo pony logo, white flat-front trousers and a red-striped navy blue silk tie for the men.
If you need your polo pony to go forward, just move your right hand forward, to stop, pull it to your face, if you pull to your stomach the horse will go backwards.
These include Ronan, a pure Arabian ex-show horse that is a very good example of its breed due to its extravagant movement, and Cachorra, a bay Polo pony from South America that had an extremely successful Polo career, including playing in Gold Cups, before coming to Bani Yas Stables," she says.
PRINCE Harry is to be investigated over claims his spurs injured a polo pony.
The 25-year-old fell off his polo pony in the first half of the 3rd Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governor's Island.
He may as well replace that stolen bike with a polo pony
You can pay 10-15 grand for a high-goal top-class polo pony but we're not playing it at that level.
Sir Alfred Munnings' painting of John Wodehouse, 3rd Earl of Kimberley, polo stick in hand, sitting astride his superb polo pony is forecast to sell for pounds 20,000-pounds 30,000.
Pictured with a polo pony from left are: Kiff Forbush, from Fuller's importer Distinguished Brands International; Stamford Galsworthy, export director, Fuller's; and Terry McSweeney, Distinguished Brands International.
The preferred polo pony -- the animals actually are not ponies at all, but mature horses that have been trained to remain calm even in the heat of a close-quartered, high-speed match -- is a mix of thoroughbred and American quarter horse.
A good polo pony can run 100 meters at 50 or more kilometers an hour, dodging and bumping into opposing horses; stop instantly; turn on a dime; and run just as fast back in the opposite direction-all the while carrying a rider who is holding the reins with one hand and wildly waving a mallet with the other.