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a mallet used to strike the ball in polo


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Participants in hardcourt bike polo often construct their own mallets--wooden equestrian polo mallets are too long and otherwise ill-suited because they break easily when hit against concrete.
And they signed him up for Little League, where he swung the bat like a polo mallet.
Just two hours earlier, I had never touched a polo mallet in my life.
Only two hours earlier, I had never touched a polo mallet in my life, let alone played an actual chukka, but after a quick lesson our motley group of beginners was careering round the sun-soaked pitch like pros.
The Lancaster Museum Art Gallery's Hollywood Art Connection show also includes dresses owned by Mae West, Tracy's polo mallet and other memorabilia, and artwork by Jack Palance, a Tehachapi resident.
Wills kept getting up and swinging a polo mallet which seemed to have her in fits of laughter.
European ash is used for bats, racquets, hockey sticks, polo mallet heads, cricket stumps and cues.
Presents given to William and Kate's baby Prince George are also on display, including a rocking horse, polo mallet and blue Alpaca wool blanket he got from US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to mark his birth a year ago.
He is naturally left-handed, which is banned in the sport, and will have to wield the polo mallet with his weaker right.
These are just a few of the issues Princess Diana was grappling with while Prince Charles was out riding around whacking grouse with a polo mallet.
Philip Baker with his polo mallet and his trusty steed, and (inset) eventing world champion Zara Phillips.
Prince William showed he has inherited Di's mischievous sense of humour as he messed around with a polo mallet.
So, I'm sitting on a camel swinging a polo mallet for all I'm worth when I suddenly get a fit of the giggles.
He cheekily prodded one of his dad's team-mates in the behind with a polo mallet as he walked by his car.
The 31-year-old, who scored the winning goal for his team was presented with a mini polo mallet after the challenge match at Cosworth Park.