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a larval frog or toad

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Brougham offered, instead, the human image of an Indian sachem with potential for survival who dared to laugh at himself, the audience, "the great American tragedian" Edwin Forrest, and the colonizers' genocidal fantasies in what has become one of the great forgotten burlesques of the nineteenth century: Metamora; or, the Last of the Pollywogs.
11) Although he wrote over 160 scripts for the stage, including more than fifty burlesques, extravaganzas, and dramatic novelties (Wilmeth 99), Brougham is remembered primarily for two Indian burlesques: Metamora; or, the Last of the Pollywogs (1847) and Po-Ca-Hon-Tas; or, The Gentle Savage (1855).
Shortly after the premiere of Metamora; or, the Last of the Pollywogs in 1847, the modest dramatic columnist of The Spirit of the Times announced:
Some of the flyers are targeted at specific people (usually chiefs or officers), but many address pollywogs in general.
In a small ceremony, Davy Jones (a disguised shellback) "arrives" on the ship to warn the captain "that he [is] trespassing into the Royal Domain" with slimy pollywogs aboard.
The subpoenas that were delivered to the pollywogs are also farcical in nature.
The pink Pollywog (fished barbless, damp and dry) is the fly that veteran Alaska and Northwest fly fishers have given us.
Toadstools and Pollywogs teaches the same curriculum but with an emphasis on outdoor play and nature.
There, amid the skunk cabbage and Jack-in-the-pulpits, pollywogs and turtles and even snakes abounded.
In the middle--so numerous that you could hardly see the water--were thousands of pollywogs squirming for their lives.
Toadstools and Pollywogs teaches the same curriculum, but with an emphasis on outdoor play and nature.
NPD Preschool Academy classes meet at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, and Toadstools and Pollywogs classes are offered at Seager Park or Knoch Knolls Nature Center.
Vernal pools are breeding grounds for pollywogs, salamanders and certain plant species.
Preschool staff will be on hand to answer questions about the Districts two preschool programs for the 2018-2019 year, which are the Naperville Park District (NPD) Preschool Academy and Toadstools and Pollywogs Preschool.
In the summers she cleaned out the neighborhood brook so the children could watch the pollywogs and water spiders, planting moss along the banks.