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a larval frog or toad

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Each fish was quickly dispatched with a fish bonker that Jake had proudly carved himself in his pollywog days.
You'll be a Frog someday, but today you'll learn the Pollywog float.
Part IV will follow the pollywog through the ritual process.
I wonder if there's a connection between LTD and the $23 million pollywog pond out on Green Hill Road and the guys who keep laying bricks in the roads and then tear them back up, then do it all over again, while complaining about the revolving door on the jail.
The top ranked app included titles such as Navy Patrol Coastal Defense Advanced, Valet Hero, Low Grav Racer 2 and Pollywog.
Meanwhile Pollywog Gardenvale provides a sneak preview of her upcoming book for OnRez merchants in Second Life, while she and her alter ego appear on the cover of the San Diego Reader.
In the aftermath of the controversy and buzz sparked by YouTube's choice of "Newt Gingrich on Capitol Hill in Second Life" as Editor's Pick, writer/producer Pollywog Gardenvale sets aside her zebra skin boots and parachute to share her perspective on the Speaker's visit to Second Life.
CONTACT: Greg Campbell, IT Consultant, Avatar: Surfdaddy Orca, of Pollywog Press, +1-503-984-0168, surfdaddy1003@gmail.
CONTACT: Greg Campbell, IT Consulant of Pollywog Press, +1-503-984-0168, surfdaddy1003@gmail.
Known for his great versatility as a comedic actor, ANDY DICK has developed a successful career in television, film, theatre, music, directing and producing under his POLLYWOG ENTERTAINMENT.
Chestnut Publishing also plans to release my first short story collection for kids; Tree Fort, Pigtails, Pollywogs And More.
La Torretta's lake experiences include kayaks on Lake Conroe, available for rent by the hour, just steps from the resort's Aqua Park's Breeze Buster pool, Splash Scape pool with in-water playground, Lay-Z River and the Pollywogs pool for small children.
When he went to poke the stick back into the pond, he saw pollywogs swimming within a gelatinous sac, close to where he'd just been digging around.
Two months later she added: "I am happier than I have ever been in my life and the idea of going back to the Canadian prairies gives me the pollywogs on my spine.