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a person or organization that causes pollution of the environment


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Until DTSC has a reformer at its head to house clean top managers who work more to protect polluters than the public, and to change its fundamental culture, no change will ensue and Californians will never be protected," Consumer Watchdog wrote in a letter to the Senate Rules Committee last week.
Greg Abbott has signed legislation that could make it tougher for local governments to sue big-time polluters - an effort that largely targets Harris County prosecutors.
Mr Hamilton added it was wrong of the Crown to describe the company as the worst polluter in Scotland.
The top ten polluters, according to Maplecroft's tabulation, are: China, US, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Iran.
CANBERRA, April 27 -- Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced Tuesday a two-year delay in government plans to tax Australia's worst industrial polluters - a move that puts legislative efforts to curb gases blamed for climate change on hold until after national elections.
One, therefore, can understand their anger that because of their own council's irrational reasoning, a ridiculous position has arisen in that the polluter may well be polluting but not paying.
The Environment Agency is closer to getting polluters to foot a clean-up bill of up to pounds 100m for a toxic tip.
In those cases, local citizens, alerted to toxic threats by news reports, lawyers and environmental activists awoke an indifferent community and the nation, forcing polluters to pay out cash settlements or remediate waste sites.
Regulators in the United States, the European Community, and Japan have addressed environmental contamination concerns by adopting the polluter pays principle as a core component of their domestic environmental liability regimes.
If the polluter should pay, then tax aviation fuel.
In India, E-LAW helped force a polluter to dean up mercury waste, and aided attorney M.
They show that an increase in polluter liability does not necessarily increase safety or efficiency if the polluter is risk neutral.
A legal principle will be introduced across the whole EU under which the polluter must pay.
The US did not sign the Rio agreement, is by far the largest polluter of the environment and has no realistic plan for reducing carbon dioxide.
Of course, benefits do not always materialize after the polluter begins operations.