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Synonyms for polluted

rendered unwholesome by contaminants and pollution


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Efforts to remove these more-resistant pollutants involve wells that pump clean water into aquifers and others that pump out polluted groundwater, which is usually treated and returned to the ground.
We can't continue to sit on our hands and let our water and soil be polluted,'' Kellar said.
Bayonne, as the home of nine major petrochemical companies, was chosen because of suspicions that its heavily polluted outdoor environment might contribute to high indoor air pollution.
The CAG, which is charged by the state to monitor the cleanup of the polluted former testing and manufacturing facility, met Wednesday night.
RAWALPINDI -- The polluted and contaminated water is being distributed in most parts of the city areas.
The root and stem fresh samples of Hibiscus cultivars were collected from polluted areas of Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.
1999) has been reported to be an effective, in situ, non-intrusive, low-cost, aesthetically pleasing, ecologically benign, socially accepted technology to remediate polluted soils (Alkorta and Garbisu, 2001; Garbisu et al.
Mosul / NINA / The terrorists of Daash polluted the waters of the Tigris River in Qayyarah 45 km south of Mosul, according to local residents.
Summary: Hasan Ezzeddine, the mayor of the southern Lebanese village of Zawtar Gharbieh, warned local people not to swim in the polluted Litani River and stop using it even to water their crops.
Summary: Muscat named 69th least polluted country in the world in numbeo.
of polluted river stretches went up despite crores being spent
The Israeli Settlements and factories sewage water has polluted spring water and plants in the city of Salfit.
Baguio City -- City residents share different views on the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), saying Baguio is the most polluted city in the country.
Though Paris was in the headlines recently for its alert against hazardous atmospheric particles, it does not feature in the list of the world's most polluted cities but India's Ludhiana and Kanpur do.
Washing of red sand in the river made the water much polluted and harmful for use.