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a place where voters go to cast their votes in an election

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hk) if they have not yet received their poll card to check whether they are registered electors and their designated polling station.
The lawyer said the results recorded and transmitted from polling stations to the constituency tallying centre at East Africa School of Aviation were inaccurate.
While the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) rejoices in retaining its seat in Chakwal, a report on accessibility to polling stations should attract the attention of the winning candidate if he wants a better turnout in the general elections later this year.
The district s returning officer (RO) had recommended ECP to deploy army soldiers at the polling stations during NA-4 poll.
In district Mianwali, 694 polling stations have been set up, with 124 declared sensitive and 13 highly sensitive.
Bulgarians living abroad will be able to vote in the national referendum on October 25 on the introduction of remote electronic voting at 312 polling stations in 45 countries.
One member was arrested from a polling station in Alexandria due to a verbal feud which erupted between him and a member of the Salafi Al-Nour Party.
According to the CEC, after the completion of distribution of ballots, all polling stations will be placed under police protection.
Check out polling station locations on Google Maps here.
Committee chairman Baroness Jay said: "If we are to ensure there is never a repeat of the chaotic scenes we saw in 2010 the Government must amend the law to ensure voters in a polling station, or in the queue, at 10pm on polling day are allowed to vote.
At the last general election, voters encountered problems at several polling stations in Newcastle.
Mourakiboun" network deployed 3,320 observers distributed over 27 precincts, 1,426 among them are fix and 1,482 who had moved from a polling station to another.
Savvides said that there was a possibility for one more polling station to operate in Italy where a total of 52 applications were submitted from various towns of the country.
In Thornaby, a mobile polling station was set up in the car park of the Roundel pub in Mitchell Avenue - one of 108 polling stations across the borough of Stockton.