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a temporary booth in a polling place which people enter to cast their votes

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After polling ended in the evening and counting began, contesting candidates got alarmed over reports of extra ballots having been recovered from polling booths.
The recycling of these signs will provide the community with their polling booth as they take the next step in seizing the land from anonymity and occasional fly-tipping.
She was a real celebrity and always very conscious of presenting a good appearance, in fact she had her hair done at the hospital salon before she came to the polling booth.
1955 TUESDAY, MAY 26 Kids hit the election support trail, Harry has them laughing in Bedwas, Dower wins at a gallop, and much more made the news 60 years ago this week MILLIONS of people flocked to the polling booths throughout Britain today and early reports indicated "very heavy" voting.
In all four groups, the proportion of respondents who acknowledged having engaged in various risky sexual behaviors was generally greater in the polling booth group than in the face-to-face interview group.
34/27 polling station in Gyumri, a proxy is sitting very close to one of the polling booths and trying to watch whom the voters are voting
In two other districts in Orissa and Chhattisgarh, they blocked roads and cut off access to polling booths.
This has been done by identifying those demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the populations that live in polling booth catchments which might explain geographic variations in the level of voter support for political parties at elections for candidates standing for a seat in the House of Representatives.
Around the city, other polling booths were also functioning.
A COVENTRY voter has complained that a poster in a polling booth gave misleading advice which caused her to spoil her ballot paper.
On the day in question last week,I left for work to catch the 7 am train,bef ore the polling booth was open.
Two officials in charge of one of the polling booth, however, passed the time very pleasantly for they had imported a billiard table into the polling booth and a ping-pong table.
The president of Haitian Women of Miami testified she was threatened with arrest for attempting to enter the polling booth to help first-time Haitian voters who needed translation assistance.
But aside from this dark moment in the polling booth, there's the matter of what happens the rest of the time.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 14 (ANI): Hours after Congress created hue and cry over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's alleged road show outside the polling booth in Ahmadabad's Ranip, the Election Commission (EC) assured that the matter will be examined.