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the thick short innermost digit of the forelimb

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74) Commonly, the term maua means 'we two', according to the Polynesian lexicon database POLLEX.
Polyonyx gomesi Santos, Moratalla, and Royo-Torres, 2009 (Middle Jurassic, Portugal) is mainly characterized by wide-gauge trackways, pes print with claws I-II with forward orientation and III-IV laterally oriented, asymmetric manus prints with well-developed pollex marks and low heteropody (Santos et al.
Barbara Pollex from Heswall is the new ladies captain.
And adding even more detail to the linguistic map is the almost ostentatious technical and scientific vocabulary in the narrative: pollex, surd, calenture, spalling, birl, fleam, ferrule, pelisse, blouson, marasmus, shallop, spurlinglines .
pollex Byers y Roggero, 1992, Issikiella amazonica Byers y Florez, 1995, y Pazius cintipes Byers y Florez, 1995.
1994) en los dedos IV y V, asi como del pollex, en este icnogenero, pueden deberse a una impresion imperfecta.
Pollex & Associates Insurance--Brokerage Empl: 5 Mr.
It cascades down and covers every open surface of the USNS Pollex, a Fast Sealift Ship of the Military Sealift Command.
Machos con excrescencia nupcial cornificada, cubre total o parcialmente la superficie dorsal del pollex, en algunos ejemplares cubre la membrana entre los dedos manuales I y II y se extiende hasta el borde interno del dedo II.
The pollex (fixed finger) was inserted into a lower fixed steel ring, and the dactyl into an upper ring mounted on a flexible 2-min-thick steel beam bearing two strain gauges (Bean BAE-13-250BB-350TE; 350[Ohms]) that were connected to a Wheatstone bridge and a chart recorder.
6) The use of ~thumb' in these expressioas, then, reflects a transfer from a literal, mechanical context to a figurative one, behind which a much earlier borrowing from the register of humaa anatomy into the realm of mechanics is to be assumed: the humaa thumb has long been recognized as the most powerful of digits; compare Isidore of Seville: Primus pollex vocatus, eo quid inter ceteros polleat virtute et potestate.
For instance, while Bohn admits to joking in class about a "rule of pollex," he says he never calls it anything but a thumb when talking with nurses or writing for physicians.