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the number of pollen grains (usually ragweed) in a standard volume of air over a twenty-four hour period and a specified time and place

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She said as pollen count was gradually increasing in the air, the allergy patients should take medicine regularly, besides taking other measures.
Web searches could help track long-term trends in pollen counts in areas without monitoring stations.
If your symptoms appear between late May and early August, when grass pollen counts are high, you're more than likely not being affected by a cold but hayfever instead.
But it was a particularly high pollen count that day so I had to stay in a darkened room lying on the sofa imagining that another girl was snogging him
She forecasts that high or very high birch pollen counts on warm, dry days with some wind could occur until early or mid-May, then oak pollen levels could begin to rise, depending on region and weather, while the grass pollen season is likely to start in late May or the beginning of June.
Thanks to climate change, pollen counts are only going to climb higher, more than doubling by the year 2040.
The last time a "very high" grass pollen count occurred this late in the season was on July 23, 1985.
POWER OF FLOWERS: Pharmacist Iffat Ali says hayfever symptoms may be worse some years than others depending on weather conditions and pollen count I HAVE SNEEZED ON AIR: BBC Radio presenter Lisa McCormick, below left
2) A man walks along Pleasent Street in Worcester, past the Allergy Center sign which displays the daily pollen count.
Check the pollen count to find out how much pollen is in the air.
Try to keep windows shut and avoid drying clothes outside on high pollen count days.
Check your local pollen count before going outside.
The average cedar and cypress pollen count was 16,241 per square centimeter in the Tokyo government's survey conducted from Jan.
At these times, pollen count in the atmosphere is lowest.
Each day's grass pollen counts were obtained from the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's pollen count station as often as possible (the station was closed on weekends and holidays).