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the fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant

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The Pakistan Meteorological Department has declared the pollen count 'very high', with the pollen count for paper mulberry recorded at 20,165 particles per cubic metre.
ISLAMABAD -- Pollen is likely to start in first week of March in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and expected to attain peak during second fortnight of March.
According to a official Muhammad Farooq, Paper Mulberry pollen counted in Sector E-8 was 638, F-10 407,G-6 920 and H-8, 1,308 per cubic meter of air which considered too high.
Pollen monitoring unit of PMD has installed pollen monitoring devices in different sectors of Islamabad (H-8, E-8, F-10 and G-6), an official of Met office told reporter.
ISLAMABAD -- As the Pakistan Metrological Department has announced increase in pollen counts after the weekend's rain, one of the main government hospitals has set up a pollen allergy centre for round the clock health services.
Islamabad -- The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on Saturday urged patients with pollen allergy to take preventive measures as number of cases are increasing with beginning of the spring season.
USA], Jan 7 (ANI): Pigmentation of petals has received substantial attention, but not many know about pollen pigmentation.
Synopsis: The dispersal of pollen and spores by wind is central to some of the biggest challenges in agricultural science today, such as the spread of food-supply-threatening plant diseases; the rapid and widespread adoption of genetically modified (GM) plants in agriculture and their potential for pollen-mediated gene flow in the environment; and the presence and role of bioaerosols in cloud processes.
Dr Jean Emberlin, scientific director of Allergy UK, said: "Periods of warm, dry weather interspersed with wet thundery spells create a higher pollen count.
The pollen collection by honeybees (Apis mellifera Linguistica) from Brassica campestris was examined during February - March 2015 at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad.
Hay fever sufferers have an allergy to pollen, and there are three types of pollen which can cause people to run the chemist and drown their eyes in drops.
The in vitro study of maize pollen grains viability can provide relevant information on the best day and time of the day for pollen collection.
Abstract: The pollen morphology of 2 species of the genus Cornus L.
This is most important in early mornings, when pollen is being released, and in the evening, when the air cools and pollens taken up into the air begin to fall to ground level again.
Studies indicated that toxic materials such as pesticides, plant bio-stimulants and chemical fertilizers used in intensified agriculture are detrimental to the viability of the plant pollen and cause reduction in plant fertility.