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Synonyms for politicise

give a political character to


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It was Saudi Arabia trying to politicise the Hajj pilgrimage amid the [Persian] Gulf crisis.
Thiruvananthapuram: BJP has charged the Congress with attempting to politicise the Maoist attack at Baster in Chhattisgarh that claimed 27 lives, saying it is 'very unfortunate.
His daft attempt to politicise the Games will increase support for an independent Scotland.
THE Echo story ("Coalition plan could politicise the police", July 27) rightly points out that we should be working to create a Welsh way of accountability for SouthWales Police.
China's foreign minister told visiting Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett yesterday that international attempts to politicise Beijing's Olympic Games next year by linking them to Sudan's Darfur crisis were doomed to fail.
The Congress should feel ashamed and be sensitive enough to not politicise issues related to national security," Naqvi said.
The performance of institutions would be affected if you politicise them,' Qureshi underscored.
The tour will also be taken as an opportunity to politicise the upcoming Pakistan Hockey League, he added.