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When computing HHI values for capital outcomes, a county's "market share" is the number of capital outcomes in that county divided by the sum of such outcomes across all counties that are part of the political unit for which the HHI is being computed--in my analysis, either a state or the country.
The conferer of the title on the soon-to-retire Labour politician was the BBC's political unit at Westminster.
Simply put, the concept of governance--the lawful control over the affairs of a political unit, such as a nation--describes certain forms of interaction between the state and society.
Nick, who is the current BBC Cymru Wales Business Correspondent, will take up the role next month, leading the media group's political unit as well as reporting on and analysing the main political stories from Wales.
In a report from 1989, General Dobri Dzhurov, Minister of Defense of the Communist government of Todor Zhivkov, had proposed to promote engineer Stoimen Stoimenov, instructor at the Social and National Security Department of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party to Chief of the Political Unit of the Third Army.
If all that "responsibility" means in the fiscal context is for Wales as a political unit to submit itself to the "discipline" of the bond markets, then it is a sorry direction in which the politicians of the Assembly are taking their constituents.
SANA'A -- Haithm Al-Gharib, head of the political unit of the Southern Movement Supreme Council, said Southern Movement leaders meeting in Cairo this past weekend decided not to participate in the National Dialogue Conference slated for later this month.
Philipp Hansen, head of political unit at the ELDR Secretariat, hopes this symbolic and political signal will reinforce European political parties vis-a-vis the EU institutions, placing them on a more level playing field.
When groups have clear leaders or are based on a single political unit (e.
Let's ignore the faet that Europe isn't a jurisdiction, or a coherent political unit, or anything other than a byword for red tape and a hollow joke.
The firm opened a political unit in 2008 after taking on a number of libel cases involving politicians and activists.
The ARMM is an administrative unit of the governmentEoACA* a political unit.
Something of this federative character of Christendom survives in the Catholic teaching on subsidiarity: that as much as possible should be done by the smallest political unit.
It will be a great struggle in the months and years ahead as to what extent the eurozone can evolve into a fully-fledged economic and political unit.
It has displaced the individual from his rightful position as the primary economic, social, and political unit of society, and has disconnected rewards from merit and desert.