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The objective of the project is to identify the factors affecting the movement of the political system at the commune level in Dong Thap province.
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said PML-N has given a clear message to the nation that we believe in the flawless functioning and continuation of political system and democracy.
Zero tolerance over corruption has also proved a key role to improving political system of China.
Obied alla noted "we are looking for a political system that realizes the goals of boosting the national unity and construction, and achieve peace and political reconciliation", "there are many different political systems in the world, and the Sudan has exercised the direct liberal system which is not suitable for the Sudan's reality and it empowers the majority and excludes the minority" he added.
Each military intervention reset the political system, closed political parties, dissolved the parliament and thus prevented the consolidation of a democratic culture in the country.
The Bulgarian cabinet has approved the budget for this year's presidential elections and a referendum on the country's political system on October 06.
Manama, Aug 23 (BNA): A lecture within the "Scholarship Recipient Ambassador" programme has focused on the history of the political system in Bahrain.
This has, in my view, something to do with the political system there.
THE ANG Kapatiran Party is calling on the Filipino electorate to boycott the 2016 elections owing to what it calls the corruption-stained political system that breeds dynasties, celebrity politics and personality-based polls.
I believe that any political system involving democracy aims to achieve certain basic goals, notably values and ideals such as freedom, equality and justice and this has nothing to do with an electoral or representative system," he said.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The House Speaker, Salem al-Jubouri said changing the political system from parliamentary form to a presidential is linked to amendments to the constitution.
The US must have realized that political stability in Afghanistan would be a pipedream without the Taliban either joining the political system or at least acquiescing to its legitimacy.
Greenhouse's creator, Nicholas Rubin, writes on his website that the app is an attempt to patch a broken political system: "even though I am only 16 years old, not quite old enough to vote, I am old enough to know that our political system desperately needs fixing.
Much was made of his anti-immigration views as the key to UKIP's success but I suspect this breakthrough was more to do with voter disillusionment at a broken political system.
This textbook introduces key facts about the US government and a framework for understanding its complex political system.