political sympathies

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the opinion you hold with respect to political questions

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This finding is in line with the argument above: PISA effects are pulled in two opposite directions because political sympathies influence how one evaluates the education system.
In addition to its various Muslim groupings, there are Christians of different ethnic backgrounds (Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Armenians, Syrian Roman Catholics, Circassians), as well as Druze, two and half million Kurds and an estimated one and half million Iraqi refugees, whose political sympathies remain unknown.
Many of Kyrgyzstan's estimated 700,000 ethnic Uzbeks live in the south, and though few express theological or political sympathies with radical jihadis being trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, some are more favourably inclined to them, out of sheer anger, than before.
s grandson) introduces his grandfather's family background which had a bearing on his political sympathies.
Elections and politics are inseparable, of course, but efforts by national Democratic leaders to pressure Massachusetts officials into moving the state's presidential primary should be rejected by everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political sympathies.
But this is why we watch them - at least those of us who are unwilling to indulge our political sympathies at the expense of the intricacies of the human condition.
These changes are brought about irrespective of political sympathies.
The Tory peer said: "It is not a reflection of political sympathies.
The conviction of political sympathies among students--that is, the politicization of the respondent rather than the language--plays a role here, too.
Observers say Israel's move reflects its anger at Hamas's growing hold on the political sympathies of Jerusalem's 260,000 Palestinians and is designed to further entrench a physical separation Israel has been imposing on East Jerusalem and the adjacent West Bank.
In July 1982, the conservative press watch organization Accuracy in Media (AIM) published a report insinuating that Bonner's article was motivated by political sympathies.
Risen's political sympathies drench at least part of every chapter.
Now, it doesn't take an FBI profiler to guess where our writer's political sympathies lie.
Chapter 4 deals with the poets' political sympathies and attitudes towards the revolution.