political prisoner

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someone who is imprisoned because of their political views

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The four Bunni brothers, one sister and two of their spouses, have spent 70 years among them as political prisoners.
Achieving a common understanding of Burma's political prisoner problem is critical for that country's future political and economic development.
opposes apartheid and calls for release of political prisoners, along with the Palestinian
Activists have accused President Thein Sein's government of only freeing a few political prisoners in small batches, and usually for public relations purposes.
Among them is Norma Morroni, whose son was murdered by police 11 years ago as he protested the extradition to Spain of political prisoners.
As I SAT DOWN TO WRITE THIS ARTICLE ON WORKING FOR THE RELEASE OF POLITICAL prisoners, a bulletin on the radio flashed the news: three of the cops who were convicted as accessories in the beating and rape of Abner Louima in 1999 (carried out by ramming a nightstick up his rectum and then forcing it down his throat) won their appeal.
Some people would say, "Why do a movie with a gay man and political prisoner in a cell?
There are supposedly 25 political prisoners in SICA 1, many of them are elderly and ailing, according to Almonte.
Right now, close to 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners are in Israeli jails.
Former Albanian political prisoners decided to look for justice before the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg since, as they say, they spent all mechanisms before the domestic institutions.
Yangon: Myanmar's leader has set up a committee to review political prisoner cases "to grant them liberty", state media said Thursday, in a rare direct acknowledgement of dissidents in the nation's jails.
The State Department has a general definition of political prisoner that it uses, but the Burmese government and other interested parties have their own, and differing definitions.
In this regard, legendary Macedonian political prisoner Pavel Satev is shoulder to shoulder with Gostivar mayor Rufi Osmani.
Kyi Than, a political prisoner in his early 50s who was among those released from Yangon's Insein Prison, said the government should release all political prisoners.
The state TV reported that 80 political prisoners in Kober prison were set free and political prisoners in other prisons would be released in the coming hours.