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The petitioner asked the court to order the ECP to remove the former military dictator as president of his political party named APML.
The petitioner-lawyer prayed to the court to order the ECP to remove the former military dictator as president of his political party named APML.
If a political party does not have its members, it will not be able to electronically submit a list of its members.
After developing differences with PTI leadership, dissident MNA had announced to announce to form his own political party and now revealed the name of his party as 'Tehrik-e-Insaaf Gulalai'.
The Con-Com must thus ensure that its draft charter establishes a credible and coherent political party regulatory framework.
It is a "people-centric political party," promoting social democracy.
Another novelty is suggested increase of the number of founders of a political party from 10 to 120 citizens of Kyrgyzstan.
Under Section 2 of the RTI Act, the definition of public authority in the proposed amendment will make it clear that 'it shall not include any political party registered under the Representation of the Peoples Act'.
Selvam Adaikalanathan MP led Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) has raised serious challenge regarding the registration of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as an exclusive political party with or without Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) led by its veteran political leader R.
For the clause, "Citizens possessing the right to vote have the right, without obtaining permission beforehand, to establish a political party, become a member of a political party or drop their membership," the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) demanded that the expression "Turkish citizens" be inserted.
While reiterating his government's commitment to multiparty democracy in the country, the SPLM deputy chairperson however encouraged any party with the same vision and principles with the ruling SPLM to join the SPLM, or merge with any other like-minded political party instead of splintering into many smaller opposition parties.
She concluded that male dominance and patriarchal attitudes restrain women's access to political party structures.
Prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian told Daily News Egypt that the removed part wouldn't have prevented the group from establishing a political party.
If the donation is bigger than the amount stated, the political party has 15 days to return the excess amount to the donor.
Minister of Interior Eid Al-Fayez revealed that the JD50,000 financial contribution will be paid in two stages: The first will be in June while the second will be in December, on condition of compliance by the political party with the provisions of the Political Parties Law.