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As far as Zijadin Sela is concerned, unless he succeeds in taking over PDSH, he may also form his own political entity.
This is the goal of the creation of the Bangsamoro political entity replace the institution that does not live up to the expectations for a good and democratic government.
He added that the Awakening is a political entity adopted the war on Dsh and al-Qaeda since 2006 , and will not allow to others to take the same name , as some politicians did and failed, indicating that this institution came today under a fierce media campaign that are trying to distort the reputation of this great institution.
Fishere goes on to explain that the first political entity willing to create an alliance with Al-Sisi and the army is the remnants of the previous regime, also known as feloul .
The FBA will pave the way for the establishment of the new autonomous political entity, the Bangsamoro, to replace the current Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).
LAHORE, June 26, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Federal minister for law and parliamentary Affairs, Babar Awan has said that Presidency is a political entity and not run on donations.
He was quoted by the paper as saying, "We don't have any plans to make Gaza an independent political entity.
Despite the fact that Kurdistan region is part of Iraq and it must abide by the Iraqi constitution, in reality Kurdistan is a separate political entity and its interests lie not within the unity and integrity of Iraq but to have and continue to develop its own political apparatus and institutions.
Sayed claimed that the present scenario demands unity among the political parties of the nation and no singular political entity can sustain in these difficult circumstances.
Perhaps the United Kingdom, as a political entity, has had its day and we should now be looking to a confederation of independent self governing nations.
Government officials, right up to and including President Bush, are implementing plans to create one political entity out of the three nations of North America: Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
All twelve authors agree that Kurdistan must exist as a political entity and that there is a bleak future awaiting all Iraqis.
Though Spain may be a unified political entity, the exhibition was flavoured by its historic ties to regional autonomy, what the architect Rafael Moneo described at an opening event as 'a referential richness spread out over the country' (his Town Hall Extension across from the Cathedral in Murcia was one of the finest examples on view, AR July 1999).
County supervisors evidently have decided Los Angeles County is a sovereign political entity, not affected by the U.
As written, the constitutional treaty was designed to provide such trappings of statehood as a flag, a president, and an anthem, based on what has been an economic bloc, while at the same time creating a more integrated political entity of 450 million people with a bigger economy than that of the USA's.