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a contribution made to a politician or a political campaign or a political party

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With todays Supreme Court decision validating the Palaszczuk Governments political donations laws, Deb Frecklington must now commit to disclosing the $100,000 of donations previously not disclosed.
According to the BBC, Maehara has been under pressure after admitting that he had accepted a political donation from a foreign national, which, if done intentionally, is against Japanese law.
Unfortunately because of the Electoral Commission's and the media's attack on political donations, all sorts of broad definitions have come into it.
Senator Kelly was one of the biggest recipients of political donations last year.
Prosecutors allege Chen and his wife, Wu Shu-chen, took bribes disguised as political donations or funds to promote Taiwanese interests overseas, from a local banker.
Roth is only on record for three political donations, all to the same candidate.
Gerald Lemire made a decision to give a political donation to the lieutenant governor after he applied for an appointment and I cannot bend the rules," she said.
All public representatives, unsuccessful election candidates and third parties who receive a donation for political purposes greater than pounds 100 in any particular year will have to open a political donation account and lodge the money there.
Neill made it clear that to make a political donation, you have to be eligible to register as a UK voter.
The same home hardware that enables a Same-as-Cash gaming transaction can also enable a Same-asCash political donation or purchase or can also enable a more secure credit card transaction.
Mr Varadkar, right, said the findings of Mr Justice Michael Moriarty's report did not reflect well on his party, not least the circumstances surrounding Telenor's $50,000 political donation.
At a news conference in June, Hatoyama admitted that from 2005 through 2008, his political donation reports falsely listed 192 donations totaling 21.
Most of the cash amounting to pounds 50,000 came from developer Tom Gilmartin which Mr Flynn claimed was a personal political donation.
The prosecutors also identified a case in which Ozawa's state-funded first secretary, who has been indicted in connection with the political donation scandal, allegedly issued a ''voice from heaven.
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