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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit


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Among further consequences of the catastrophe Roberts cites the return of political commissars with veto powers over military decisions and the use of so-called blocking detachments, whose task it was to shoot on the spot anyone turning tail.
Senior Colonel Cai Xihong was appointed garrison commander and Senior Colonel Liao Chaoyi was appointed political commissar, ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said.
Analysts said Ri s fall from power was inevitable after Choe Ryong-Hae, a civilian party official, became the military s top political commissar -- Director of the General Political Bureau.
I found his ranting offensive and derogatory for his rhetoric implied we the listener could not distinguish right from wrong and brought to mind the vision of a political commissar brainwashing the enlightened to return them to the fold.
The British political commissar at Albacete was William Paynter, a communist from 1929, trained in Moscow and sent initially as a Comintern agent to Germany.
The internet is complicated and we should guard against online traps," said Wan Long, the political commissar of a regiment in Guangzhou.
The permanent facilities at the base points will provide a substantial legal basis for China's claim over them, said Zou, who is political commissar of the PLA Navy's survey team.
Aberdonian Bob Cooney became political commissar, a sort of adjutant cum morale officer, for his battalion.
LTTE leaders, including its former political commissar Suppu Paramu Thamilchelvan visited expatriate communities after the signing of the ceasefire agreement with the Government in 2002, and sought generous donations for their struggle.
During the Spanish Civil War he joined the struggle against Franco as a political commissar to the International Brigade.
I read Sr Col Wang Qigui's section of the article "Chinese Servicemen's Views of USAF Airmen and Education" (Winter 2007) with great interest to gain a perspective of what a communist political commissar thought about the American military system that operates without "political units or political officers" (p.
Further military training followed at the Tobias Hainyeko Training Centre, where Anita was made political commissar for a company of 250 soldiers, whom she mobilised and motivated into action.
Later served in the army as political commissar, chief tutor before retiring as Lt.
After finishing a technical school, he participated in World War II as a political commissar with the partisans.
He [Lenin] wanted a good life for everyone, as much, if you will allow me to give an example from my own country, for the Australian Aborigine as for the political commissar .