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a sphere of intense political activity

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The party maintains that this issue is of crucial relevance in disclosing the underground ties and the way an enormous part of Macedonia's political arena was financed.
The presidential press secretary, read a statement for President Park, who is suffering from stomachache and high fever after a 12-day visit to Latin America, saying that political reform and new political culture should be formed by getting to the bottom of how bribe-taking has been rampant in the country's political arena.
It should be taken out of the political arena and let the competent people who manage it do the job.
The Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) held the "Empowering Youth -- Building a Social Democratic Future Conference" on Saturday to discuss the common challenges faced by youth in Egypt and internationally in the political arena.
She talked about some obstacles which Arabs, working in the political arena in the U.
The ministers reviewed with the foreign envoys the developments in the political arena in the country and the government's efforts to ensure enhancing the democratic approach and to achieve the next elections.
Israel is harvesting the "fruits of folly" that its policy makers planted by misreading Lebanon's political arena for years.
LAHORE, October 08, 2009 (Balochistan Times): MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has said that MQM will soon enter Punjab political arena adding that MQM has broken all norms of traditional politics in Pakistan.
Not only does the series offer a new insight into the coup d'etat, but an array of movers and shakers from the political arena are on hand to add their recollections.
Last week, Khatami, 64, said, "Unfortunately, in the political arena there is no retirement.
This can be difficult, especially in the political arena, but I do try.
Nevertheless your health is something that cannot be played with and he must take all the time necessary to ensure he makes a full recovery before making any return to the political arena and the stresses of running our country.
The EU is still waiting for a more inclusive government in Somalia and is keeping up the pressure on the authorities which took over power of the entire country at the end of 2006 with the help of the Ethiopian forces to integrate members from a wider political arena into their ranks, notably moderate Islamics.
A RENOWNED political arena is to be restored in a pounds 4.
But regulators need to move out of the political arena and create a structure that allows for the benefits of a TIC-like investment without the huge risk involved in the current structure.
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