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the chief executive and political committee of the Communist Party

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A statement issued on Thursday, July 4, by the Region's Presidency said that Barazani chaired a joint meeting of the politburos of KDP and PUK, discussing a number of issues, the Constitution, the Region's Parliamentary elections, the Region's Presidency, as well as issues related to the Region's Parliament.
Meanwhile, Mahmoud Muhammad, a member of the KDP politburo, said that the meetings between the two sides will continue until afternoon today.
But some now maintain that the Politburo emerging from the 17th Party Congress may end up being more involved in routine decision-making than previous Politburos.
1) The Central Committee in turn technically selects a new Politburo and a new Politburo Standing Committee, comprised of China's most powerful and important leaders.
This was followed by the departure of four politburos, a dozen members of the leadership committee, and some other lower-ranking members.