polished rice

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having husk or outer brown layers removed


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We've replaced sugar with jaggery or honey and polished rice with brown rice.
The native iron concentrations in polished rice as consumed are, therefore, much lower than in beans or pearl millet as consumed.
This is a four months intervention study, in which children of the selected preschools received, as part of school meals, polished rice (control group) or UR[R] mixed with polished rice (test group).
Since their interest was mainly the diet of the jibaro, Axtmayer and colleagues analyzed "his range of food stuffs: polished rice, red kidney beans, pork, onion, chick peas, salted cod fish, olive oil, annatto seeds, lard, salt, garlic, black pepper, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and pigeon peas.
About 15 years later a Dutch physician in the East Indies, Christiaan Eijkman, noted that chickens fed mostly polished rice also contracted beriberi but recovered when fed rice polishings.
A fairly moderate margin recorded in Ogun state may have been caused by the series of marketing activities involving polished rice and some other food items.
Rice milling is the process, which helps in removal hulls and barns from paddy grains to produce polished rice.
After harvesting, the paddy is processed as brown, parboiled and white or polished rice.
Tariffs on polished rice, for example, are as high as 778 per cent.
The process of rice milling involves the removal of hulls and bran from rough rice to produce polished rice.
62 kilogram) of polished rice per square rood of wet-rice land, which comprised less than one-fifth of the yield of poor land and almost one-tenth of the yield of good land.
Refined grains in southern India, mainly consist of polished rice, refined wheat flour (white flour), semolina and ragi (finger millet) flour.
Red yeast rice (RYR), a staple of Chinese medicine and a traditional Asian seasoning, is made by fermenting polished rice with various strains of the yeast monacus purpureus.
After polishing off parathas, which were soaked in oil, we ate a mound of white, polished rice, with all its nutrients washed away.
99)--Made in the simplest style from 40 percent polished rice, Hatsumago was sweet with clean flavors mid-palate that spread over the tongue.