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a person who holds an insurance policy

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I assume that the risk of a policyholder can be decomposed into two risks, called a general risk ([T.
22 with the Nevada insurance department, EIG said if its initial public offering is approved, the company would distribute its surplus to policyholders.
Policyholders can borrow against the cash value for retirement income or to pay college tuition or mortgages, leaving other savings and investments intact.
The policyholder has the right to dispute an invoice as long as notice of the policyholder's intent to dispute is sent to the insurer before the premium is due.
The ability to dampen the external factors that affect insurance companies' decisions on how they allocate their risk-based capital to maximize shareholder return can provide more stability to captive policyholders over time.
Each insurer has standard policy language adapted to the particular terms of the deal, Indeed, one of the mistakes that some policyholders have made with M&A insurance is not ensuring that the terms of the insurance policy mirror the terms in the transaction documents.
Mercer policyholders have sent a strong message to Mercer's Board to consider the Franklin proposal," George H.
This section says that the term policyholder dividend means any dividend or similar distribution to policyholders in their capacity as such also must be satisfied.
Remind her, "It's about the policyholder, commissioner
These cases were settled by the insurance companies on appeal so as to prevent the policyholders from appealing.
NEW YORK -- The RMBS Policyholders Group today commented on the Plan of Rehabilitation for the Segregated Account of Ambac Assurance Corporation recently filed by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI).
The practice of charging African Americans as much as 35% more for life insurance than white policyholders is not a new one.
We are committed to shareholder and policyholder value.
In its proxy solicitation, Franklin urges policyholders to vote against the Mercer Plan because it takes away policyholder rights and privileges without payment of cash or stock.
Consequently, the insurer has the use of the policyholder's money for the time period while a claim is pending and can surcharge the policyholder for any additional funds it pays to resolve the claim.