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a major change in attitude or principle or point of view

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The timing of the policy change last year, at the end of the open enrollment cycle, prohibited many administrators and employers from adopting FSA rollover for their 2014 plans," said Bob Natt, Alegeus executive chairman.
Policy change on this scale is often the culmination of longstanding stakeholder engagement in the decision-making process.
Additional criteria include (1) a scientifically grounded expectation that policy change in the particular candidate area is likely to produce measurable changes in some public health outcome; (2) sufficient data are available to measure these policy outcomes; (3) the legal research involved in locating relevant statutes and regulations and in constructing precise and consistent operational definitions that categorize meaningful features of the laws is a manageable task that falls within the resources available; and (4) case law or administrative decision making that is not captured in statutory or regulatory texts plays a limited role in interpreting the policy.
On May 6, AFGE was one of nine organizations representing over 400,000 aviation professionals, passengers and law enforcement officers that filed a legal petition with Transportation Security Administrator John Pistole and Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, urging them to rescind the policy change and keep the knife ban in place.
Here's the full text of the email Deron Smith, the director of public relations, sent the International Business Times regarding the planned policy change.
Yet the policy change, which will be announced officially today by Panetta, is more than a formality.
It is also notable that a local drug user organization opened a syringe exchange program at the time of the policy change, and eventually peer involvement in the delivery of the syringe exchange program became the standard locally," researchers wrote.
The report went on to say that this policy change has stirred interest in layer chick imports by existing quota-eligible companies/cooperatives and layer raisers and cooperatives who were not eligible under the quota system.
In making this argument he draws upon the public policy literature in American politics to look at the critical dimensions within Chinese hydropower politics of policy entrepreneurs, issues framing, and broad public support for policy change in order to show how fragmented authoritarianism has evolved since the 1980s.
While he may not have committed any crime, the ethical impropriety of the self-serving policy change is not in doubt.
Community activists are rightly complaining about the policy change and the way the panel conducted itself.
Throughout all communication, the team emphasized that the policy change applied to everyone.
The main policy change is the shift from a voluntary to a mandatory requirement for MIPs to apply for practising certificates.
This policy change provides irrefutable evidence that the authorities expedited the case classification process, which was deemed too slow, because the backlog of cases waiting to be reviewed was mounting.
James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, many of whom attended a public meeting in November to complain about the policy change.
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