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Synonyms for police station

the station


  • the station
  • the nick
  • cop shop

Synonyms for police station

a station that serves as headquarters for police in a particular district

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Satellite Town, 15 most sensitive and 22 sensitive polling stations in the limits of police station Mochiwala, one most sensitive and 21 sensitive in the limits of police station Qadirpur, 26 sensitive polling stations in the limits of police station Massan, 34 sensitive in police station Athara Hazari, 11 most sensitive and 52 sensitive in police station Shorkot City, 5 most sensitive and 6 sensitive in the limits of police station Shorkot Cantt, 8 most sensitive and 47 sensitive in the limits of police station Waryam, 48 most sensitive and 4 sensitive in the limits of police station Garh Maharaja while 5 most sensitive and 20 sensitive polling stations have been setup in the precinct of police station Ahmad Pur Sial.
Thieves stole gold ornaments and valuable items worth Rs 300,000 from a house in area of Shalimar police station.
And, from Monday, cops and staff currently based at the building - which has served the public since 1933 - will work from the new Newcastle City Centre Police Station, at Forth Banks.
Kirkby station would be closed and replaced with a general enquiry office and community police station.
A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: "Just before 1pm, a resident brought what is thought to be an unexploded bomb in to Solihull police station.
The old Canton police station on the corner of Cowbridge Road and Market Road, Cardiff, in March 1961 Canton Police Station on the corner of Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, in July 19668.
Engineer Abdulraqeeb Al-Hadad, the head of project management, said that the new police stations will range in size from 410 to 1,000 square meters and include offices for investigation departments, civil service departments, a meeting hall, a reception hall, a weapons storage area, and restrooms, in addition to living quarters for soldiers who are on duty at the police station.
The car, which exploded by the police station in Chechnya's Sunzha region, was driven by a suicide terrorist, press service of the republic's police added.
Clr Battye's comments come after Almondbury Lib Dem ward member, Clr Phil Scott, says he's received information that Moldgreen Police Station is at risk.
Curfew was today lifted from three police station areas in the city while it was relaxed "indefinitely" in five other police station areas even as rest of Kashmir Valley remained under restrictions for the fifth consecutive day.
With a full complement of more than 1,000 police officers, Naif Police station continues to stem rising crime trends just as it has for more than seven decades, new figures suggest.
Ludhiana, Mar 26(ANI): A police station in Ludhiana has been declared as the best in the country by Altus Global Alliance, which works with the United Nations (UN) for enhancing public safety measures.
Daily Times has learnt that setup of Women Police Station was the dream of former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto who inaugurated first ever women police station of Pakistan in 1996 in Islamabad.
FOLESHILL police station in Coventry will have limited opening hours this Bank Holiday Monday.
Crooks and vandals have smashed up cells, broken windows, urinated on property and even poured petrol around the inside of a police station in a series of attacks right across the region.