police state

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a country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police (especially secret police)

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The rebel official claimed president Kiir has only succeeded in turning the country in to a police state, a feat which no country would emulate.
Oyan said that if passed by Parliament, the package will pave the way for the worst example of a police state in the world.
After taking so many decisive steps towards democracy for years, Turkey cannot take any steps toward becoming a police state again," he said.
The democratic entities, on the other hand, divide political life to three sections: supporters of the police state, supporters of the Islamist state and supporters of the civil democratic state.
The Deputy PM listed a number of other criteria for a police state, for which he implied that the current cabinet he is part of fares much better than the previous GERB cabinet of ex PM Boyko Borisov.
There are growing signs that the new rulers are working for the resurrection of Mubarak's police state," said Mohammad Adel, a spokesman for the liberal group April 6 that mobilised massive protests, which forced Hosni Mubarak to step down in early 2011.
As part of a project New police crane StraE-e in two phases are new buildings for the state police authorities Thuringia (TLKA) and riot police state (bPTH) on the property, 99099 Erfurt, built on Schwemmbach 69.
Dice pointed to the singer's 2010 Grammy Awards performance, where he said BeyoncA[c] walked to the stage flanked by men dressed in costumes that he said was "a glorification of the police state and of the military.
Accepting those provisions would mean transforming the democratic set up to a police state.
In fact, he asserts, police state activities go back as far as the founding of the country.
It's a sign of police state, of emerging police state, or rather, emerged police state," Supreme Court lawyer Colin Gonsalves said.
Senate, Kelly Ayotte, is determined to chisel away our freedoms and replace them with such a new police state.
I thought we lived in a free country not a Police State.
This is the unmistakable hallmark of a police state.
This was a far cry from the epitome of the electronic police state, China, which topped the charts.