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a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime

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While additional police squad has also been deployed in all mosques and worship places of the city.
DSP Chishtian, Muhammad Farooq Khan and DSP Bahawalnagar accompanied with other police squad reached on the spot.
Lari, who was in the most wanted list of the Nepal Police under alleged illegal drug trading business staying here from Nepal to abroad, was arrested by a special police squad in Maharajgunj.
The police squad received him at Gojra Motorway Interchange and were escorting him to Jhang.
com/news/detroit-police-officer-glenn-doss-dies-after-shooting-on-citys-east-side) Click on Detroit News , an NBC affiliate, Doss who was sitting in the passenger seat was shot twice while another police squad car was also hit by bullets.
When he demanded a written request the officer flew into a rage, used harsh language against him and had his police squad haul him off like a criminal to his office and then to the SSP office, he said, adding the SSP let him go only after strong protest by his colleagues.
The case dates back to 2006, when on the basis of information that certain terrorists from Pakistan were planning terrorist activities in Karnataka's Mysore, a police squad kept watch near the High Tension power line at Vijaynagar Ring Road.
Now that they can be properly called, let's hope that they won't flunk out of the police squad like former dog-in-training Gavel.
According to media reports SHO Pirwadhai said that a Police Squad set up for curbing theft and robbery incidents had arrested the alleged suspect Ahsan Manzoor.
Residents of the Boode Croft Estate said the police helicopter was hovering overhead from around 8pm, and that the area was flooded with unmarked police vehicles, ambulances and eight marked police squad cars.
PC David Rathband's police squad car pictured after the attack by Raoul Moat
A specialized night police squad was established in Chui region in order to improve crime situation on the region's territory, the press service of the Interior Ministry reports.
The car was cornered near a police squad which tried to inspect it, 90 km south of Tikrit.
It beggars belief that while Doreen and Neville Lawrence were grieving for their murdered son Stephen, orders were given for a secret police squad to spy on their family.
the Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police squad C4, 11.