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a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime

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The reorganization of the military police squad into four teams of four Soldiers would result in significant advantages for LE and tactical operations.
Police squad leader Haarvard Gaasbakk said: "We heard a lot of shooting - the shots were coming fast and thick.
The officer, accused of misconduct in the service, would be subject to disciplinary penalties, imposed for offenses perpetrated by members of the police squad.
Fergie had to do it the hard way by beating four current members of the British Police squad to take the title.
It's a key reason this spin-off from the Police Squad series was so endearing, clocking in at under the 90-minute mark.
Summary: Rabat - The judiciary police squad brought, on Friday, before the King's attorney general to the Rabat Appeal Court thirty-four individuals, including four foreign nationals, members of the international network for cocaine and chira trafficking which was smashed recently by the police.
A POLICE squad car smashed into the central reservation on Leeds Street in Liverpool.
Acting on a tip-off, a police squad of the Metropolitan Police Sector, Swoyambhu, seized the sticks hidden inside Kantipur Cinema Hall.
A special antiterror police squad has engaged in hostilities with a newly established militant group in Aceh that is suspected to have a link with Jemaah Islamiyah, Southeast Asia's largest terrorist network, since late last month.
She allegedly co-operated with the police squad and arranged a sting operation to arrest those operating the ring last week.
A GARAGE selling Rolls-Royces and Ferraris has been raided by a police squad launched to combat organised crime.
Summary: A roadside bomb killed the head of an anti-terrorism police squad and four of his bodyguards Tuesday in a northern Iraqi town, a police official said.
Unknown persons opened fire at police squad in Gora Qabrastan chowk killing a passerby and injuring police man.
Handley, of West Midlands Police, was one of four Midlands-based players in the Police squad which included ten English players.
Yet only moments later the purse snatcher was standing alongside a police squad car begging to be let in.