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any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking

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Since 1919, members of the Dutch Police Canine Unit have trained police dog handlers throughout the world.
Nasdaq:GRDN), "The Life-Saving Company", a manufacturer of high performance ballistic protective equipment, Thursday announced that it will supply 18 bullet-resistant vests for police dogs operating in the K-9 Unit of the Philadelphia Police Department.
It lunged forward towards both myself and police dog Boas.
He ran from police when they arrived and the police dog gave chase.
Commissioner Bob Jones wants attacks on police dogs made a special criminal offence gs made a special criminal offence
Police dogs Gemma and Champ - both labrador/retriever crosses - were donated to the force by Guide Dogs Liverpool, who noticed their potential to be police dogs during training at their centre.
Sgt John Sim, of Northumbria Police dog training section, said: "Police dogs do need certain qualities and not all dogs have these but that doesn't mean they can't be great pets for someone.
PC Adrian Lang, of the South Wales Police Dog Section, and Damby the police horse welcome puppies Woody and Norman
Three other West Yorkshire Police dog units are also based at Eccles Hill, Stainbeck, Leeds, and Carr Green at Wakefield.
He has now been removed from the dog handling section but Hax is a fully-trained police dog.
A not guilty plea to pulling a police dog Senga under water was accepted by the Crown.
Members of the public can watch the top 24 dogs from across the UK showing off their crime-busting skills at the National Police Dog Trials at Riversdale Police Club, in Aigburth, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Zep is a 2-year-old and Rocco is 3, both imported from Germany and given additional training from the Oxnard-based Inglis Police Dog Academy.
SPRINGFIELD - Ricki still has a lot of spring in his step for a police dog nearing retirement.
A Warwickshire Police dog has been named Britain's bravest police dog for its part in tackling a machete-wielding criminal.