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the department of local government concerned with enforcing the law and preventing crime

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The Metropolitan Police Department's AFIS system has clearly demonstrated its abilities to help improve our crime-fighting productivity and is, most importantly, enhancing Nashville's safety," said Chief Ronal Serpas, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.
The McMinnville Police Department wanted to promote not only skilled, capable leaders but those who held the trust of the organization as well.
He said he was impressed with the Glendale Police Department.
During Wingstock '06, which was held at FirstEnergy Park, the Lakewood Police Department loaded the PacketHop Communications System - a software-based, infrastructure-optional mobile-mesh networking communications system - onto Datalux Tracer rugged computers in its police cruisers and Dell computers in its command post (CP).
While the Glendale Police Department has Beckel as its own full-time psychologist, the Burbank Police Department and other smaller law enforcement agencies bring in a psychologist on a temporary basis when they need one.
Even though for years the Long Beach Police Department has focused efforts on community policing, these usually involved only a team of officers per patrol division who networked with neighborhood stakeholders and formed important relationships with citizens.
Specifically, they need to extend the reach of their mobile broadband data communications capabilities, and the Nantucket Police Department is at the forefront of this progress.
That compares with a starting salary range of $42,461-$70,105 in the Sheriff's Department; $58,572-$76,512 in the Glendale Police Department; and $56,184-$65,160 in the Burbank Police Department.
In almost two centuries of policing, there is one thing that has not changed throughout the history of the Middletown Police Department, one constant that has never faltered or diminished.
Other grants went to the Burbank Police Department, $52,467; Glendale Police Department, $51,315; and Lancaster sheriff's station, $27,048.
The Kansas City Police Department contacted the FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) and submitted a report about the child.
NEC Corporation of America, a premier provider of IT, network and telephony solutions, today announced the City of Huntsville, Alabama Police Department selected its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) with palm print matching to dramatically enhance its ability to quickly and reliably identify crime-scene prints and match them to city and state databases.
The Long Beach Police Department is at $350 and the Pasadena Police Department at $290.
The German Township Police Department, like any law enforcement agency, aims for excellence in all aspects of its operations, ranging from the development of clearly defined policies and procedures to the consistent delivery of quality services to the community.
El Monte City Commissioners Tom Biodrowski and Erik Delgado filed a government claim today against the City of El Monte, the El Monte Police Department, and others for battery, false arrest, and various civil rights violations related to their arrests and the criminal charges filed against them for allegedly stealing a $3.